Refund policy

It can not be returned except when there is a defect in the delivered product. Please be aware in advance.

If the product has poor quality or mischarging, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of the product.
If you make a product with the product and confirmed the problem, it will be replaced with the same product only if there is stock.

※ Since replacement inventory is different from the stock for sale, it may not be possible even if there is stock on the site. Please note.

Please note that we can not accept returns in the following cases.
· Unlike the image, it is different from the color of the screen, if the size does not match
· If there is no offer for return / exchange in advance
· When 8 days have passed after product arrival
· When product tags, price tags, labels, accessories etc. are corrupted, polluted and lost
· When using goods, reissue, processing, washing, cleaned
· If the product is dirty and scratched under the customer, if the smell is attached (such as pet, cigarette, perfume cosmetics)
· Products that have been sent back to the jewelry box directly
· In addition, if it is judged that the product is not reset to resale

If the product is a defective product, or if a product different from your order has been received, the shipping fee for returned will be borne by the customer. Please be aware in advance.