About repair

The goods purchased by online stores have a retail store or delivered by delivery.
If you are bringing it to a directly managed store, please bring the purchase certificate of the product that is enclosed at the time of purchase.
If you would like to repair for delivery, please contact us from the inquiry page.
In addition, depending on the situation of the item, it may be possible to repair. Please note.

The storage period for repair has been about one month to two months.
After having a request for your request product, we will guide you through the repair period, payment.
Please note that the period differs depending on the product or the time of storage (GW, Obon and New Year holidays).

Inquiry pagePlease report in advance.
The shipping cost at the time of delivery to our company will be borne by the customer.
Payment payments will receive repair fee and repair price for repair products in "Cash on delivery".
Memo (Customer name, phone number, address and repair desired contents) Please support you.

First of all, please specify the product name and contact us.
Separately, we will provide guidance (rings, flow, flow, etc.).
There is something that can not be received by the product, so please be aware.

We accept cleaning of silver and gold products for free at each direct store.
If there is no directly managed store near you, it will be delivered.
For more information,Please inquire
If it is difficult to clean at the store, such as design and brass products, will be cleaned with a fee.
We accept ¥ 1,000 + tax (up to 5 points) by one storage. At that time, please give me or send the purchase certificate together.

※ About shipping charges, it will be borne by the customer.
※ Pay cleaning will correspond to cash on delivery.