About repair

Items purchased from the online store can be taken to a directly managed store or shipped for repair.
If you bring the product to a directly managed store, please bring the proof of purchase that was included with your purchase.
If you would like to have your item shipped for repair, please contact us via the contact page.
Please note that depending on the condition of the item, we may not be able to repair it. Please note.

<About repair price and period>

The waiting period for repairs is approximately 1 to 2 months.
After reviewing the condition of your requested item, we will inform you of the repair period and price.
Please note that the delivery period may vary depending on the product and the period of storage (Golden Week, Obon, New Year's holidays).

<Delivery process>

Please let us know in advance from the contact page .
The customer will be responsible for shipping costs when sending the product to our company.
Payment for the return shipping of the repaired item and the repair fee will be made by cash on delivery.
Please include a memo (specifying customer name, phone number, address, and desired repair details).

<About ring size adjustment>

First of all, please specify the product name before contacting us.
Our representative will separately provide you with information (whether or not the ring can be repaired, the cost, the process, etc.).
Please be aware that some products are accepted and some are not.

<About cleaning>

We offer free cleaning of silver and gold products at each directly managed store.
If there is no directly managed store near you, we also accept delivery.
Please contact us for details.
If the item is difficult to clean in-store, such as with a stone design or brass item, we will clean it for a fee.
We accept ¥1,000 + tax (up to 5 items) per deposit. At that time, please also present or send us your proof of purchase.

*Shipping charges will be borne by the customer.
*Cash on delivery is available for paid cleaning.