Unisex Collection

``Jewelry is like an indispensable part of my body.
I also wear it when I sleep.”

late 20s
EC consultant

Q. Do you usually wear jewelry or accessories?

--It's an essential item for me, so I wear it every day, even when I go to sleep. I definitely don't want to feel that ``feeling of inadequacy and disappointment'' when I accidentally forget to put it on and go out (lol)

Q.When do you buy jewelry?

--If I see something I'm interested in, I'll definitely get it. I personally don't have the idea of ​​sharing jewelry, so I mainly make jewelry for myself.

Q. Were there any items you were interested in this time?

--The Rose bangle has a nice ruggedness that gives it a masculine feel.

Q. Please give us your final comment.

--I think all of these pieces of jewelry fit well into everyday life. The design is universal in a sense, yet unique. While I think some men might find it a little light, it seems like it can be enjoyed by a wide range of people as a unisex item.