Unisex Collection

``When you wear it, it looks surprisingly natural and interesting.It might also make a good gift.''

late 30s
company employee

Q. Do you usually wear jewelry or accessories?

--I haven't had much opportunity to wear it until now. I almost don't have it.

Q.When do you buy jewelry?

--I sometimes purchase items to commemorate milestones or special occasions for myself.

I mainly stop by jewelry shops for presents rather than for myself.

Q. How do you feel about wearing the new Unisex Collection?

--It's a lot more natural than I expected, and I get the impression that it blends in well with the style.

The difficult image I had about jewelry, or the part that I felt was a hurdle, has disappeared.

Q. Were there any items you were interested in this time?

--The designs I particularly liked were the Rose bangle, Braid bracelet, and Rose ring.

I usually wear a shirt style, but since I'm going to be rolling up my shirts more and more this coming season, I thought it would be fun to wear it on my arm as an accent.

Q. Please give us your final comment.

-- Jewelry was a hurdle for me at first, but when I tried it on, it felt surprisingly natural and interesting.

Holidays will probably be the main focus, but I would like to incorporate jewelry as a new element.

This design also makes a great gift.

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