Unisex Collection

``What I'm looking for now is jewelry that is easy to use and can be used every day.''


late 30s
Works at a jewelry company

Q. Do you usually wear jewelry or accessories?

--I wear it almost every day.

Mainly, my style is to simply wear one or two rings that I like.

Q.When do you buy jewelry?

--If I see something I like, I'll always buy it.

I usually wear sporty and casual clothes, but like clothes, I'm often drawn to edgy designs that give off a sense of elegance.

Q. What do you think of the new Unisex Collection?

--I've been wearing KAORU for a while, but this Unisex series has thicker lines and feels more natural and comfortable on my fingers and arms.

Previous rings had a strong impression of being delicate, and were worn as an accent to a chic style even in somewhat formal settings such as concerts (for personal taste), but this new series is suitable for everyday wear. I want to enjoy it as much as possible.

Q. Were there any items you were interested in this time?

-- Braid's bracelet and Rose's ring are L & S sizes. This bracelet has a unique presence and I like the unique chain design.

Rose rings are easy to wear and match. I would like to coordinate different sizes depending on my mood, and I would also like to share them with my partner!

Q. Please give us your final comment.

--In the world, men's jewelry is quite rugged, and there are many designs that are clearly made for men, but this series is easy to use, as it adds just the right accent to any occasion, both formal and casual. It's pretty good so I highly recommend it.

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