Unisex Collection

``Anyone can wear it easily.As the creator, I would like as many people as possible to wear it.''

jewelry creator

Q. Do you usually wear jewelry or accessories?

--Actually, because of my job, I often have to work with my fingers, so I don't wear casts that have large casts or chain-like casts because it can make it hard to concentrate when doing detailed work. However, I like bracelets that can be worn tightly, so I wear them.

Q.When do you buy jewelry?

――This is also a ``actually'' answer, but I rarely buy jewelry for myself. Most of them are gifts for acquaintances.

Also, even if it's not our own in-house items, I often end up buying things as gifts that I think are good from a jeweler's perspective. I sometimes buy them for my own studies.

Q.How do you feel about wearing the new Unisex Collection?

--I was involved from the prototype stage. In particular, I was in charge of the finishing part of Unisex items, and I paid particular attention to how to create a glossy finish.

I tried to create a nuance that is not too bright, but also not too rough, and retains the elegance typical of KAORU, so it feels comfortable to wear and looks just right.

Q. Were there any items you were interested in this time?

--The Blade series is good. Until now, KAORU's braid series had a slightly delicate structure for men. This series has increased the volume of each cast member.

I mentioned earlier that I don't wear items on chains because of my job, but I secretly think that something this balanced would be easy to wear on a daily basis (lol)

Q. Please give us your final comment.

--I think this series can be worn even by people who don't usually wear jewelry.

Anyway, I'm trying to make it easy for anyone to wear, so as the creator, I'd like as many people as possible to wear it.

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