More than three years have passed since we launched KAORU Online Store.

In order to give everyone a deeper taste of KAORU's worldview, we have renewed the Online Store with a new look.

The major improvements are as follows. We will introduce KAORU points that can only be used at the Online Store.

・Introduction of “KAORU Points”

We will introduce KAORU points that can only be used at the Online Store.

We will give you points at a return rate of 5% on the product price (excluding tax), and you will be able to use them on your next purchase as 1 point = 1 yen.

*Can only be used at "KAORU Online Store" and cannot be used at directly managed stores, etc.


・Content expansion

We have introduced "KAORU Picks" and will regularly make suggestions to customers so that more people can enjoy a wide range of KAORU styling, including those who already know about KAORU and those who cannot visit directly managed stores. We will continue to send out the following. We also plan to enhance existing content such as e-mail newsletters in the future, so please enjoy them.

In order to increase the opportunities for our customers to come into contact with KAORU, we will continue to expand our efforts unique to the Online Store, so we appreciate your continued support!

■Request: For customers who are already members of the old Online Store

-For existing members who have made purchases at the old Online Store, all data including member information (email address, address, etc.) and past purchase history will be transferred. We apologize for the inconvenience, butRegister as a member again at the new Online Store using the same email address you already registered.Thank you for your understanding.