My Favorite Items

Just by wearing it, it makes me feel like an adult woman.

Lumine Yurakucho store

Tomoho Storebashi

Calligraphy ring/K10 pink gold

Usage history: 1 year

—— Why did you buy it? Also, do you have any anecdotes related to the item?

The first thing I got after joining KAORU was a calligraphy ring. When I saw a senior staff member wearing it, I fell in love with it and thought, "How cool!"

I didn't really wear accessories or jewelry until I joined KAORU, so I remember that the shape and price made me feel like I was jumping off the stage at Kiyomizu-dera when I bought it (lol). "I'm glad I took the plunge!" The design has a delicate yet strong feel to it, and just wearing it makes me feel like an adult woman.

There was an extra large trampoline prepared under the stage of Kiyomizu Temple (lol)

—— Please tell us about your standard coordination using this item.

On holidays, I only have one calligraphy book on hand.
I like wearing it lightly.
When you think that today's style is too simple and boring, simply adding calligraphy will make you look stylish and indispensable!
It is an item that will tighten up your coordination just by adding it at the end.

—— What is your favorite way to wear it when you want to feel better? ?

I want people to see how cute my calligraphy is when I work! But I also want customers to know the fun of layering KAORU! I'm thinking about something greedy, so one hand is simple with just calligraphy, and the other is full of layers. That's my fun way to wear it.
When a customer says, ``That ring (calligraphy) is cute!'' or ``I love how you wear it!'', I get so happy that I can't help but react with excitement.
When I receive compliments on the coordination that incorporates my “likes”, my mood just improves♪

—— What items are you currently paying attention to or would you like to have someday?

It might be a bit pretentious to call it attention, but the classic "Stardust" has been loved for many years, so it's one of the collections that we'd like to expand on little by little.
The POP design has a mature, playful feel that can be used with a variety of outfits even as you get older. That's what I think.

[One word message]

What I realize every day when I join KAORU is that it is a brand that is truly loved and valued by our customers! That's what I say.
In order to respond to this, designers and others must decide what is best for the customer! I feel that this is what we are pursuing.
I am still learning a lot from my seniors every day, but I would be happy if I could help customers find their best at the store while spreading as much love for KAORU as you do.

Staff's Profile

Tomoho Storebashi

Work place: Lumine Yurakucho store

Work history: 1 year 3 months

Favorite fashion: I focus on the silhouette and comfort of the clothes. I like to incorporate color and unique items into a simple style.