My Favorite Items

The ring that made me fall in love with large rings

Fujii Daimaru store manager

Kyoko Kono

helix ring/silver

Usage history: 7 years

—— Why did you buy it? Also, do you have any anecdotes related to the item?

Before working at KAORU, I worked at an apparel company.

I have been using KAORU since then, and the Helix is ​​the ring I purchased at that time. Helix was truly a love at first sight item. The cool design that KAORU had never seen before was refreshing and made me think, ``It's so cool!''
As I looked at the ring, I thought to myself, ``If I were to wear this ring, I would want to wear it with this kind of outfit...'' and imagined various coordinations in my head.
Actually, up until then I had only worn delicate rings, and a large ring was a challenge for me.
However, as soon as I put it on, all my worries disappeared.The ring had a large yet loose design, and the balance of the curves made it fit perfectly in my hand, making it a ring that I could wear naturally.
After this, I became addicted to large rings, and now I like collecting large rings.

—— Please tell us about your standard coordination using this item.

I often wear pants at work and in my private life, so my clothes are simple. That's why I wear voluminous jewelry to add some playfulness to my jewelry.
I think about balance by pairing a delicate ring next to a voluminous ring to create a sharp look, and I enjoy changing the combination depending on my mood that day.

—— What is your favorite way to wear it when you want to feel better? ?

Coordinating your clothes according to the seasons will make you enjoy yourself. For example, in the cold winter, coordinate with dark colors and black butterfly pearls and black opals.
As the weather gets warmer from winter to spring, the sunlight becomes softer, so coordinate your look with diamonds. Enjoying the four seasons and wearing jewelry is one of my ways of having fun.

—— What item would you like to own someday?

FIFI silver ring.
This is one of the designs created by KAORU's unique handiwork that I've always wanted to get my hands on.
I'm attracted to the spiky coral parts that are cool, and the flexible, fringe-like movement that makes your hands look elegant.

[One word message]

Designers often say that KAORU jewelry is "complete when you put it on." I believe that KAORU has the power to bring out the maximum charm of the wearer.
I also feel that wearing jewelry changes my mood and makes me feel happy, as it makes me more confident and positive.
When I interact with customers at the store, I feel happy when I see the changes in their facial expressions and how happy they are when they wear KAORU jewelry.
KAORU's jewelry is sometimes irregular and lined up in stores at any given time, so we often encounter unexpected items.
I hope to convey my excitement and the joy of wearing jewelry.

Staff's Profile

Kyoko Kono

Work place: Fujii Daimaru store

Work history: 5 years

Favorite fashion: Mode casual (mannish style), playful points
I like things with designs