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Jewelry perfect for growing old together

Isetan Juku main store

Miki Kinjo

round earrings
round full diamond necklace

Usage history: 1 year

—— Why did you buy it? Also, do you have any anecdotes related to the item?

The Round Series was a collection that was recommended to me by a veteran senior staff member when I first joined the company, saying, ``This design will suit you.I'll lend you one of mine for a while, so you can try it on.''
I've always been a fan of KAORU, but since I didn't have much jewelry, I often wore round earrings that a senior lent me. I remember clearly how happy I was when a senior colleague who was good at matching told me that it looked good on me.
Since I've always liked big designs and things with a strong personality, I started buying more flashy items like that, and time passed.
Then last year, when I celebrated my birthday. It was a milestone year for me personally, so when I wanted some special jewelry, round earrings and a necklace came to mind.
I thought, ``This definitely suits me. It's the perfect piece of jewelry to wear as we age together,'' so I ordered a necklace with diamonds in it.

—— Please tell us about your standard coordination using this item.

On my days off, I often wear brightly colored clothes. A set that combines a round necklace and earrings will give you a mature impression without making the color pop too much. My favorite combination is layering it with a braided necklace to give it an edge.

—— What is your favorite way to wear it when you want to feel better? ?

Coordination that is ``fun for me'' is to combine KAORU items with old jewelry given to me by my beloved grandmother.
I feel that KAORU jewelry can be enjoyed regardless of age or era, as it mysteriously blends in with old items. One of the great things about KAROU is that it is easy to match with not only KAORU items, but also items from other brands.

—— What items are you currently paying attention to or would you like to have someday?

I want a one-of-a-kind diamond ring!
I used to often hear the phrase, ``Diamonds are the best, no matter what,'' but back then I didn't really understand it that much. As I get older, I love colored stones, but I want to enjoy diamonds even more! I'm starting to think so.
I'm looking for one that will give me more dignity and confidence.

[One word message]

KAORU was a brand I admired even before I joined the company.
Because we truly love our customers, they sympathize with our charm and it's wonderful to work with them! I feel very happy to be able to get excited about this.
My grandmother loves fashion, and when she talks about the clothes and jewelry she owns, she always talks about her memories of buying them.
``I couldn't decide because there were two colors,'' says my grandmother, ``I fell in love with this wonderful pattern at first sight!'' She always seems to be having fun.
I always talk to the customers I meet at KAORU, hoping that they will have fun remembering what it was like when they chose this product.
I'm still learning, but I want to try various things so that as many people as possible can enjoy KAORU.

Staff's Profile

Miki Kinjo

Workplace: Isetan Shinjuku Main Store

Work history: 6 years

Favorite fashion: I like second-hand clothes and vintage items.
I like wearing flashy colors like red, green, and orange!