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Earrings that will make you meet someone you've never seen before

Yurakucho Lumine store

Mizuki Narita

Fusion earrings 25/silver

Usage history: 1 month

—— Why did you buy it? Also, do you have any anecdotes related to the item?

When you think of KAORU, you think of race! Many customers say so, and lace is synonymous with the brand. What a new design even though it is such a classic motif! ! ! What impressed me was the Fusion Collection.
The innovative design, which combines simple lines and organic lace, will make you feel good every time you put it on, so you'll feel happy and think, ``Something wonderful will happen today!'' or you'll encounter something you've never seen before. It brings you such a fresh excitement that you feel like you're going to have a good time.
Up until now, most of my earrings were small, but after changing my hairstyle, I wanted earrings with more volume, so I chose size 25, which is recommended by the designer.
I was happy to be able to feel that I was wearing it more than I expected, so I made the right choice in choosing this size.

—— Please tell us about your standard coordination using this item.

When I go to the store, I usually wear black, so the lace earrings stand out well and stand out as the centerpiece of my outfit. So I wear a long natural stone necklace around my chest to balance it out. My current favorite look is layering my favorite stardust necklace.

—— What is your favorite way to wear it when you want to feel better? ?

On holidays, we tend to wear loose knits, skirts, and other voluminous clothes, but you can't beat their presence! As if to say so, I have included a variety of jewelry that I would like to wear.
There are times when I praise my coordination in front of the mirror and say, “It’s so cute!!!” (lol)
I'm really grateful for KAORU's items because they keep everything together elegantly even when I wear a lot of them.

——What items are you currently paying attention to or would you like to have next someday?

Pearl item and mimosa bangle.
I often fantasize about my dream coordination: set up pearls on my hands and ears, sprinkle with mimosas and lace... Especially the Mimosa Collection, even though I see it every day at the store, I can't help but think, ``It's so cute!'' I feel like that's really amazing.
I'm looking forward to finding a new me with new items.

[One word message]

Before joining KAORU, I almost never wore jewelry, but now that I think about it, I feel like I was boring without jewelry.
As our days change at a dizzying pace, this is the one thing that remains the same and continues to give excitement and moisture to our hearts. For me now, KAORU jewelry is that. We are truly happy when we can share that fresh excitement with our customers at our stores. I would like to continue working with our customers to find what makes me happy.

Staff's Profile

Mizuki Narita

Work place: Yurakucho Lumine store

Work history: 4 years

Favorite fashion: Basically simple, and I tend to wear rough styles such as knits and denim.
Carefully check the texture and length to avoid making it too casual!