My Favorite Items

A ring that I think will look great even as you get older.

Kodaiji store/Fujii Daimaru store staff

Yukako Nakata

Swatow ring L

Usage history: 1 year

—— What is your favorite point?

A senior staff member was coordinating jewelry that made me feel like a ``cool woman with a strong core,'' using this Swatow ring as the main item, and I admired it so much that I bought it.

Personally, I am greedy and want jewelry to not only be ``elegant and feminine,'' but also ``cool and unique,'' and I think this ring is a gem that truly covers all of that. It's thick and has a strong personality at first glance, but the openwork design gives it a loose feel and makes it feminine.

Also, the texture on the surface creates a deep and calming atmosphere, so I'm secretly thinking that even when I get older and my hands get wrinkled, I'll still be able to wear it beautifully. I'm looking forward to it.

—— Please tell us about your standard coordination using this item.

After all, I wear it most when I'm at work. Actually, I don't really put much thought into coordinating my outfit; just wearing a Swatou makes me look cool, so I just wear it and then add simple thin rings and other things so that it doesn't get in the way. For example, a shiny mimosa ring has a completely different width and texture, so it will look sharp when you wear it.

Most of my clothes are plain colors. It looks great with black clothes and is easy to wear. Also, when it comes to earrings, I often choose ones that are large and have a big impact. Items with a little volume that match the impact of the ring, such as fusion earrings size 25, chain earrings, etc. I consciously choose a larger size because I feel that it creates a better balance between my face and hands.

—— What is your favorite way to wear it when you want to feel better? ?

Nowadays, I don't go out as much as I used to, but when I go out with good friends or when I'm feeling down, I often wear rings called ``Fifi'' or ``Botanical''. They are often worn next to each other to coordinate. This isn't so much about the balance of the jewelry's appearance, but more like, ``I wear it because I want to wear it.'' In the end, I'm the one who's watching first, so I hope I'm having fun.

—— What item would you like to own someday?

I want Swatou ear cuffs. Ear cuffs are easy to wear and can be enjoyed with earrings, and I think they look stylish and can be subtly set up with rings. Furthermore, I would like the material to be gold. After all, just having one gold item makes you look elegant, and it blends well with your skin and is easy to wear, so it's great for items you want to wear casually, like ear cuffs.

[One word message]

Since our founding as a jewelry brand, KAORU has released new releases every season: spring/summer, fall/winter, and Christmas. Whenever a new collection is unveiled, even I, a staff member, sometimes get nervous and think, ``Oh, this time, it looks like it's going to take a lot of courage to wear it.''
but! I thought so, but when I tried the rings and earrings, they turned out to be so cute! It often happens.

KAORU always provides unexpected encounters, so it's fun for me to work at KAORU, and it's full of new things and fashion, so I encourage our customers to take a look and experience it without any preconceptions. I would like to have it.

Staff's Profile

Yukako Nakata

Work place: Kodaiji store, Fujii Daimaru store

Work history: 2 years

Favorite fashion: I generally like plain clothes.
The silhouette can be baggy or tight, and I can wear it with just about anything...

this! I can't say that (lol)