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Because “delicate” is “delicate”

There are many ways to create jewelry, but KAORU uses a method that uses wax.

Roughly speaking, the method of creating with wax is to create a prototype of the design you want to create using wax, as shown in this photo, use that as a template to create a mold into which metal can be poured, and then pour metal (Silver, K10, K18, etc.) into the mold. It is a method of pouring and casting (*Previously,"Craftsmanship"(I talked about it).

"Tribal ring" with watermark design representing KAORU

When it comes to design, it is important to create a wax prototype, but it is surprisingly little known that what comes after that is also important.
No matter how wonderfully designed a mold is, unless metal is poured into it, the design will not be reproduced as a product.

KAORU's jewelry is often described as "delicate," but it's not just about making the lines and spaces between them thinner. Depending on the humidity, temperature, and viscosity of the metal on that day, it is not always possible that the finished product will match the mold. Without the overwhelming skill and experience needed to pour the work, the ``delicacy'' cannot be expressed. To achieve this, we have to perfect the shape, making many mistakes until we are satisfied with it. We tend to focus on the design, cutting, and processing techniques, but it is surprisingly little known that in order for a piece to be delicate, it actually relies on overwhelming skill and experience.

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