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“Unconventional” “Modelo”

“Modello” released in 2023 Spring/Summer
This is KAORU's true value, watermark design.
Although it was released on January 2, 2023, it has received quite a response both in stores and online stores.

It may be a little sudden, but let's compare two representative works of watermark design, ``Calligraphy'' and ``Modelo.''

The designs follow the motifs that serve as the base for each, but if you look closely, you will notice that calligraphy has no regularity, while Modelo has "regularity." The same fixed design is repeated and arranged in the same pattern.

At first glance, Modelo looks complex and irregular, but it is actually a collection that takes on the challenge of stylizing the design.

Here are some famous quotes from famous Kabuki actors:

It's ``unconventional'' because it has a pattern. Having no type is ``shapeless.''

The meaning of this word is interpreted to mean that only those who have mastered a certain pattern can ``break the pattern.'' New things are born because there is a pattern. Originality is not created by being reckless and outrageous.

The new modelo, which is based on a ``mold'' patterned design and incorporates KAORU's unique watermarks and randomness to the maximum, has great potential to become a standard item.

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