Kent's eye

About Kent's eye column

My name is Kent (male) and I am a KAORU staff member who will be writing a column called ``Kent's eye.''

This column came up suddenly, but I would like to write about why I decided to start it.

It's been several years since I started working with KAORU as a planning staff member, although I rarely stand in stores. Our company has a relatively large number of female staff members, so we often talk about worldviews and items from a ``female perspective.''

When discussing items within the company with staff members, my opinions were often told that I didn't have that point of view or that I sounded like a man. Every time I came across something like this, I began to think that this could be a way to convey the appeal of KAORU to customers in a different way and in words.

That's when I asked the designers to write a column.

We hope to be able to fully convey the appeal of KAORU not only to our existing customers, but also to new customers and men.

We hope that everyone will be able to experience KAORU with a slightly different world view than before, so please take a look.

Continued to the second part