Kent's eye

Jewelry is worthless and has value.

To put it simply, jewelry is something that has no useful value in real life. Jewelry, which cannot be eaten or used as a tool, is one of the first items to be thrown away when going out on a survival mission. Despite this, why is jewelry in the world so expensive?

Do “beauty” and “technique” have value? Of course it is. However, I personally think that it has an overwhelming "power of illusion".

The feeling of elation when you get one, the indescribable feeling you get when you wear it, the permanence of minerals that lie deep underground, and various other fantasies that excite us. Isn't that the highest value for fantasy?

Again, beauty, technical ability, and even rarity relatively increase the value of jewelry, but the greatest appeal of jewelry is its fundamental illusionary power, which is unmatched by anything else. It is an intolerable value.

KAORU always pursues uniqueness in its designs.

We are not afraid to be different, and our designs are designed to maximize the "fantasy power" that cannot be expressed anywhere else. It was created with the hope that those who wear KAORU will step up and open doors.

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