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Similar and different “Mimosa” and “Fleur”

“Fleur” collection released in the second edition of 2022 Spring/Summer.
At first glance, customers who patronize KAORU may think, "Is this a derivative item of mimosa?" To be honest, I felt the same way when I first saw the photos inside the company.

However, when I saw the actual product and put it on my finger, all I said was, "What the heck! It's completely different!" (Please forgive my lack of style).

The phrase "similar but different" is appropriate.

Mimosa, one of KAORU's most popular collections, has a rounded shape, so it has a warm finish that can be described as ``gentle'' or ``warm.''

On the other hand, "Fleur" is sharp sharp sharp. So, although you may think it has a cold feel, it actually has a more "feminine" look than a mimosa. I think this is probably due to not only the form but also the nuances of the finishing method. The finish is not too mirror-like, and the grain size differs between the sides and the rest.

I'm really surprised, but unfortunately it doesn't suit me as a man. In this day and age, it's very difficult to define ``femininity'' and ``masculinity,'' but when you put Fleur on it, it's so feminine that it makes you think, ``Is this really feminine?'' on a genetic level. .
We hope you will try the ``similar but different'' Mimosa and Fleur and experience the true essence of KAORU's design.

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