Kent's eye

Something you don't want from "efficiency"

talking about vacuum cleanerslast timeHowever, I did not mean to say that AI vacuum cleaners are bad or good. However, what we originally think of as efficiency or convenience may turn out not to be so when we look back on it.

When I think about it, I can't help but wonder if KAORU's "craftsmanship" is what the times are looking for.

Rather than the "smooth" feel that comes to mind when it comes to efficiency and convenience, the "rough" texture may actually strike something deep within people.

Naturally, many people, myself included, feel that even though we enjoy the convenience of mass products and technology, we are longing for something other than just that. To make sure nothing goes too far.

For example, in the case of jewelry, it is the joy of feeling someone's warmth, the fit, and the rough texture that is required, and I think that is what ``craftsmanship'' is all about. .

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