Kent's eye

Commitment as so-called “KAORU”

"Bring out the edge"

This word is often thrown around in the atelier, and is one of the things I consider important in the final finishing touches of the production process. As the word suggests, edging refers to using a scroll saw or file to properly square the edges and edges of jewelry.

It's not just a matter of making it sharper. The balance and nuance of the entire product is extremely important. And the work is detailed. There is no doubt that ``the soul resides in the details,'' but in reality, whether or not to bring out this edge is the key point that differentiates the ``KAORU-ness.''

Generally, a brand's characteristics tend to be thought of as its design and materials, but in the case of jewelry, the way the edges are attached and the attention to detail are also major elements that weave the brand.

Therefore, creators who have only recently joined KAORU have their work repaired over and over again. It is thoroughly trained into the body. Naturally, bullion (material) is a natural product, so even if it is cast in the same mold, at the same temperature, and in the same process, it will turn out differently depending on the environment on that day. In order to turn it into a "product (work)," it is important to "bring out the edge." When looking at jewelry, not just KAORU items, be sure to pay close attention to the edges, as you can get a glimpse of the designers and makers' commitment and essence.

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