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story of coincidence

Previous articleWhen I talked about ``coincidence,'' I remembered a comment made by a famous person on the internet. It seems that the number of tour guide accidents in Alaska has actually increased since smartphone GPS became popular. The content was (and is interpreted to be) that the experience and ability to read nature that tour guides had traditionally gained while confronting nature had deteriorated due to the spread of technology.

I think this is deeply connected to the story of chance.

I believe that in the days when technology was not widespread, guides were faced with the extremely uncertain nature of nature, and through various failures, they were able to gain experience and sharpen their senses as they guided. GPS has traditionally been thought to help with this, but on the contrary, it has created the opposite phenomenon. This actually narrowed the chances of survival.

There is something in common with KAORU's focus on hand-made work, and they pursue the possibilities of design that lie in the serendipity created by hand-crafted work. I don't want to talk about the dichotomy of "technology versus manual labor." However, the image we aspire to is ending up as manual labor.

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