Kent's eye

Coincidence created by “craftsmanship”

KAORU has remained unchanged in its basic methods and essence of creation for over 20 years since its inception. Naturally, I have tried various methods, made many failures, and made many minor changes. On the other hand, if we pursue what we want to express, we end up arriving at a similar path.

We believe that one of the essences of craftsmanship is chance.

When you literally use your hands to create something, there will be slight discrepancies in the creation process. This can be caused by a simple movement in your hands, or sometimes by your physical condition or climate. And that slight discrepancy results in the creation of something that is similar to but different from what was initially imagined. To put it bluntly, it would be no exaggeration to say that this small discrepancy can go far beyond the creator's imagination, and that it can become a source of stimulation and discovery, and as a result, the creation of new works. The coincidences created by our hands lead us to the destination.

On the other hand, achieving "efficiency" means cutting out various unnecessary elements and extracting only what is necessary in order to achieve what we wish would be good or easy. This is an image of the work that goes on. Set a "point" to aim for and reach it in the shortest possible time.

Neither is good or bad.

However, KAORU continues to be particular about its desire for everyone to experience the designs created by chance.

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