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vacuum cleaner cleaning

I recently moved and bought a robot vacuum cleaner.

With the touch of a button, AI can grasp the space and clean it on its own.
Since I decided to move to a larger room, I took the plunge and bought a higher-end model, convinced that it would be useful because it could clean up my room with the push of a button.

However, when I started using it, I hit an unexpected wall.

Careful preparations must be made in advance to allow the vacuum cleaner to move freely, such as raising a chair so the robot vacuum can pass or lifting the hem of the curtains.
And, the biggest hurdle of all was that I realized after using it for a while that it was "cleaning the vacuum cleaner".

Robotic vacuum cleaners that claim to be equipped with AI are meticulously constructed. They come with various types of brushes to remove dirt, and the dust box has a complicated structure. Even though they can be washed with water, you have to disassemble them one by one to clean them. In particular, it is difficult to remove dust and hair that have gotten into the gaps between delicate parts.

Then, I came up with an idea.

The solution was to use the old vacuum cleaner (with brush) that I had been using.
Well, once you start using it, it comes off cleanly.
Using a vacuum cleaner to clean has become an indescribable feeling and a way to spend my time.

I suddenly thought.
Is this really an improvement in efficiency?

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