Kent's eye

The story of 048

KAORU uses a unique "model number" for item management.
In front of customers, the template is not used other than to write it on the purchase card, etc., but among the staff, numbers and alphabets are often used like codes.

Among them, items with the model number "048" have a slightly special meaning.

Since the brand's inception, a new number has been assigned every time a new collection is created, and KAORU continues to innovate its designs, and over the past 22 years, the numbering has progressed to the 700s.

In other words, the fact that the model number has a "0" at the beginning is proof that it has been around since the beginning, but that item is KAORU's representative "Swato". Although there have been improvements over the past ten years, the 048 design has remained virtually unchanged.

The other day, when I was talking with a designer, I asked him what made him want to create this Swatou.The designer's grandmother had a ``Swatow embroidered'' handkerchief.
It was said that it was inspired by.

(This may sound like a bit of an understatement, but KAORU's items are unique, but I was wondering why so many of them seem to evoke a sense of nostalgia or familiarity.) But when I heard this story, it made sense. This is due to the fact that the designer uses ``things that are around us'' as motifs.

Even though I've never seen it before, it gives me a sense of security as if I've seen it before. If you look at ``048'' from a slightly different perspective, you may discover something new.

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