Monthly Style from Kyoto

Monthly Style from Kyoto

This is the season when we feel like the hot summer is heading towards winter all at once.

The mood and atmosphere are becoming more and more chic.

This time, we will be coordinating the neck using the "Allium" necklace.

An allium necklace with a delicate, irregular yet organic design.
The K10 material is especially comfortable against the skin, and it will brighten up your neckline on its own, but why not try adding some colored stones to your arrangement?

It can be used for any occasion as it is delicate and can create a formal and relaxed look. Of course, you can improve your mood by matching the color of the stone to your mood and season.

Enjoy various combinations of Natural Stone!

*Natural Stones used in coordination are not available at the Online Store. If you are interested, please contact the store.

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