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2021 Autumn/Winter’s first new “STUDS” collection

pierce the heart

vivid elegance

A collection that gives you an uplifting feeling when wearing jewelry with sharp shine and high-quality elegance.

The elegance of the new STUDS

The main theme of this collection is how to make studded motifs, which tend to look hard at first glance, look "elegant."

By pursuing the balance of design and finishing methods, we have completed the elegant STUDS collection, which retains its distinctive edge but has a softness that is typical of KAORU.

Perfect for adult women who live a flexible life

STUDS has a simple shirt style with a casual playfulness.

Not only is it strong, but the contrast reflects a somewhat feminine impression, and it adds an accent with an exquisite sense of balance without being too overpowering.

Also goes well with items with strong characters.

It goes well with items that have a strong impact, such as brightly colored clothes, lace patterns, large jewelry, and vintage watches, and has the effect of making the whole look neat and tidy.

It is sure to be useful as a balancer that can take advantage of the balance.

KAORU's creation: Irregularity that erases inorganicity

STUDS combines contrasting elements of "spice" and "elegance" that add a sense of fun.

In order to achieve the desired design, each ``corner'' (the part of the stud) is carefully carved by hand.

By adjusting the balance slightly for each item and adding irregularities, we tried to erase the inorganic feel that is unique to studs.

A focus on mirror finish and texture to incorporate movement.

Even though it has a mirror finish, we intentionally add texture to the sides to add a sense of dynamism to the entire item. A commitment to embodying the idea that "everything is beautiful even before you wear it", which is common to all KAORU items.

An iconic collection representing KAORU

We bring you this collection with the hope that as many people as possible can enjoy jewelry more freely with our new STUDS, which fits any style, whether it's stylish or elegant.

“STUDS” collection introduced today