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2022 Spring/Summer first new “Rose” collection

Sweet hope swells
Joy blooms
The rose of innovation that colors freedom and liberation

A new rose that is not bound by "character".

As the name suggests, the new collection Rose is a collection with a rose motif.

Roses are a symbol of love and beauty, and have long had a noble image.The first thing that comes to mind is the gorgeous appearance of the flower, symbolized by its layered petals.

However, for this collection, we have taken on the challenge of using stems and branches as motifs rather than petals.

Freely expressing the core beauty of roses, we pursue carefree, organic curves without being bound by conventional "looks."

Expression of “coolness”

During the manufacturing process, the pieces are polished to a mirror finish, giving the metal a solid feel and strong shine, giving the feminine motif a cool and clean impression.

However, even if we simply say it has a ``cool'' or ``clean'' image, by finishing it while leaving some irregularities that are not flat due to manual production, it retains the flavor and nuances unique to KAORU. .

It goes perfectly with any item. A perfect accent to your everyday outfit.

The design deliberately focuses on the cool beauty of roses, rather than the heavy feel of traditional images, and has elements similar to the previous 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection's "Studs" and "Infinity."

It doesn't make too much of a statement on its own, and when combined with items that have a strong impact, it blends in well and creates a neat overall look.

In addition to stylishly coordinating simple items, we also recommend matching them with impactful main items with lace motifs or colored stones, such as KAORU's signature ``Swatou'' and ``Fusion.''

Rose, with its simple yet elegant design, is a nice accent to your everyday attire, and is a design that you will want to incorporate into your coordination to spice up your outfit.

Please try finding your favorite coordination.

“Rose” collection introduced today