From Atelier

The extremely popular necklace “Braid” is Introducing a bold design and size!

Overwhelming individuality and strength that exudes suppleness

The regular parts that look like they were made by a machine are woven by hand to create a sense of exquisite balance - Braid, which is playful and sophisticated, has dignified strength and individuality within its delicate beauty. A fragrant item.

NEW-Braid has significantly increased the size of the parts that weave the whole, creating a structure that stands out in volume and impact compared to the regular design.

This is a one-of-a-kind chain motif necklace that stands out with its boldness and lustrous appearance.

Chain necklace for adults “NEW Braid”

By increasing the overall volume, each beautiful and skillfully crafted part is emphasized, making it even more eye-catching! While maintaining the charm of being able to freely change the length depending on your mood and outfit that day, you can also enjoy it as a focal point for basic clothes, or as a short ``choker'' for shirt style.

A chain motif with a supple beauty without being too casual can be used for a wide range of purposes.

It goes well with lace motifs and colored stone jewelry, allowing for a wide variety of layering options. This is a great item for adults that is perfect for those who have never had the chance to try out chain motifs.

the secret of balance

It took more than a year to complete the general design. From then on, we pursued KAORU's signature elegance in every detail, making minor corrections and refining the production process, and it took two years to complete the product.

The parts are assembled by hand, one by one, as if weaving the whole thing together, using custom-made silver wires called "maru pins" and visually checking the balance of each part using a tool called Yatco. I will make it by bending it and joining it together.

This process creates a unique and beautiful balance and nuance that cannot be expressed by machines.

As you can see in the photo, the chain parts themselves are made and joined by hand.

If there is a slight misalignment in each part or connection, it will result in a large misalignment when completed.

Especially when it comes to ``silver wire,'' once you bend it, it leaves marks on the metal, so you cannot redo it. Years of experience and outstanding technology allow us to achieve this exquisite balance.

NEW-Braid packed with KAORU's thoughts and essence.

New shapes are proof of our challenge to constantly evolve.