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Natural Stones make you happy!

No matter what we hide, KAORU's ``Natural Stone'' series is a ``standard'' item, and is actually the ``face'' of the brand.

As you can see when you visit any directly managed store, it is displayed in the most prominent place on the display, so it is the first face that greets customers.

Many people say that the first KAORU item they bought was Natural Stone, and they caught their eye while walking, fell in love with the stone, and bought it on the spot.

I don't want people to think, ``Isn't stone the same?''
KAORU is particular about uniqueness, and what makes it appealing is that they design their items by considering the cut of the stone and how to attach the chain to bring out the beauty of the stone to its fullest.

To put it in a slightly different way, it can be said to be a design in which unnecessary things have been removed as much as possible in pursuit of ``simplicity'' (the beauty of stone).

The extremely simple design makes it easy to use, which is why it is loved by so many people.

It blends well with your skin, makes your neck look gorgeous, and even if you layer two different stones on top of each other, it won't look bad at all, making it a step up to becoming a fashion expert.

Of course, you can also pair it with the top of your unique clothes because it's simple and won't interfere with the design of the clothes themselves. It's also perfect for layering your favorite gold or silver items with different chain lengths.

There is almost no chance that it will not match with the items you already have, so this is a must-have item.

Furthermore, because of its simplicity, it is often chosen as an anniversary gift or gift, making it one of KAORU's items that can be used in the widest range of situations.

You can also send it to yourself or a loved one as a birthstone. You can choose the meaning of your favorite stones, and natural stone necklaces are full of meanings and thoughts inside and out, making them a versatile item that will make everyone a little happy.