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[Online only] 1st Anniversary Limited Item 3rd edition

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of KAORU Online Store, we are running an "Archive Collection" campaign that is only available online and cannot be viewed in stores.

Following the first round at the end of 2021 and the second round in January 2022, the "third round" has now begun!

This time, we have a full lineup of special items that were previously only available in stores, and are now available for purchase online.

Our online staff will carefully examine and carefully select special items that we would especially like to recommend to everyone who patronizes the KAORU Online Store.


The spangle ring, which was inspired by the designer's beloved Art Deco, has been reprinted in a limited edition for this project. This is an eye-catching piece with a geometric pattern motif that gives off a sense of warmth. This ring has a wide range of coordination and can be used in many situations.

It goes perfectly with items that have a bit of personality. From the spring season to summer, the openwork design creates a refreshing look and is an item that will make you feel light and airy.

flat ring

A versatile ring that pursues simple beauty. There's probably no one on staff who doesn't have one! ? This is a classic ring that is indispensable.

The curvaceous side of the ring has a fine texture, which is loved for its taste.

It has a reputation for being especially easy to stack, and goes well with other rings you already own. Just by matching them together, you can create a completely different impression.

This ring is a must-try for those who prefer simple rings and have not worn many layers.

With its simple design and ease of coordination, the way you enjoy jewelry will naturally expand...This item is recommended as a reliable everyday companion.