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To commemorate the 1st anniversary of KAORU Online Store, we have started selling "Archive Collection" that is not available in stores only online. We conducted the first campaign at the end of 2021, and thanks to you, we received many inquiries and it became a very popular series. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, in order for you to easily enjoy KAORU's jewelry and worldview wherever you are, we will be releasing three new collection items as the "second edition."


Tribal is a collection of lace that represents KAORU. I say "reprint", but since it was announced about 10 years ago, you can still see it online and in stores.

Although it has undergone many changes over the years, the items that have been reissued this time are among the "early" items in the Tribal Collection.

In the early days of Tribal, each line woven into the lace was woven to the limit, making it the thinnest possible, resulting in a form that could only be created by skilled craftsmen.

When you wear it, whether it's earrings or a necklace, the delicate nature of the item makes it move lightly, creating a sense of sway, allowing you to enjoy its presence despite the lace design. Enjoy the new frontier of racing once again.

Detailed introduction of .

bar necklace

A bar collection with a "straight line" motif, which is rare at KAORU. Among them, ``Horizontal'', which had been closed for a while, has been revived.

The design maintains the presence and texture of the base metal, while intentionally creating a textured finish that creates warmth and blends gently into the skin.

Because "straight lines" are simple, they tend to be generic, so working with this motif was a big challenge for KAORU.

In 2022, it is also recommended as an item to help you renew your mind and take on more aggressive challenges.

twinkling earrings

KAORU has many designs with lace patterns and watermarks, but the Twinkling collection is a challenging item that has been created from the original shape of a sphere.

A flat cut is made in the sphere to give it a mirror finish. On the other hand, we created a star pattern by intentionally adding "halo engravings" one by one by hand.

While maintaining its mass as an item, the ears themselves are never too flashy and can be worn calmly and in a mature manner.

In fact, the Twin Link collection was inspired by an antique cigarette case that the designer saw at a store he visited during his stay in Hong Kong. It is also an item that symbolizes giving form to the various hints that are lying around.

Following the first installment, we have a selection of carefully selected archive collections. Please enjoy the special shopping experience only available at KAORU Online Store.

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