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2021 Autumn/Winter’s second new “Infinity” collection

The dawn that meets the unknown
At the beginning of a new creation
good luck

Thoughts behind the “octagon”

The motif of the collection is the octagon. The numbers and shapes of ``eight'' and ``8'' have been considered to bring good luck since ancient times, and have been popular not only in Japan but all over the world as symbols that bring good luck.

I hope that you will be able to attract a lot of happiness by wearing the octagon shape that gives you a sense of mystical power. Infinity was born with this idea in mind.

Infinity enjoys the exquisite balance of simple and sophisticated octagonal design.

The design combines simple yet aesthetically pleasing details with a sophisticated ease of use that blends in with any style.

The collection does not intentionally use a regular octagonal shape, but has an exquisite design balance that gives a sense of fluctuation and warmth, creating a unique aftertaste.

Beyond “beauty”

This ring, which looks like a piece of modern art, exudes a casual and modern feel. Each node forming an octagon has a clean "line" and the surface is textured.

It is packed with the essence to make your fingers look cleaner and prettier when you wear them.

It also goes great with unique items. A companion for everyday styling.

Infinity goes surprisingly well with statement clothing and high-impact jewelry, and can be relied on not only as a stand-alone item, but also as a sub-item that tightens up your style and adds a touch of sophistication.

Because of its comfort and ease of use, it has become an item that you will want to pick up.

KAORU's Creation: Sharpness and Irregularity

This collection's motif: How can we create an octagonal form with KAORU's signature "sharp" and "edgy" expression? Challenge.

Normally, in order to express delicate and organic designs, KAORU items are often manufactured from wax prototypes, but some Inifinity items were created using a different manufacturing method.

By cutting out original plates and carefully pounding and polishing them using tools, we create sharp textures and irregularities that give us unique nuances.