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2022 Spring/Summer New 2nd “Fleur” Collection

Increasing sensitivity to love
Prayer is always nearby
If it has a shape that is filled with it, it will definitely be a flower.

"Oriental x Feminine"

``Fleur'' is the second installment of the Spring & Summer Collection, which has an oriental mood that the designer has envisioned for many years.

The motifs in this new collection are inspired by mosques, Islamic art, and the geometric patterns used in Arab countries.

If oriental geometric patterns are made into jewelry as is, the characteristic world view and form of the pattern can sometimes make the item look too statement or too edgy.

KAORU's unique and attractive collection combines beauty, individuality, and ease of wear by leveraging the unique beauty that attracts both the wearer and the viewer, while combining feminine design elements that soften the impression. was born.

Enjoy the perfect oriental mood!

``Fleur'' combines elegant, rounded cuteness with a somewhat dignified appearance, which is also common to KAORU's standard collection ``Mimosa.''

When you actually wear it, the sharpness stands out more than you imagined, and it brings your styling together neatly.

Every day is just too busy and I can't even go out for a trip or play. In such a situation, when you look at "Fleur", which gives off an oriental mood, and how you wear it, you can think of foreign countries, feel the mysterious design...It is an item that gives you a chance to escape from everyday life for a little while. maybe.

This collection is filled with the hope that people will enjoy such small changes and newness in a positive manner.

Coordination becomes even more fun! Versatile “Fleur”

"Fleur" has a distinctive design that catches the eye even on its own, but one of its appeals is its flexibility and ability to coordinate with a wide range of outfits.

It goes perfectly with the pretty Mimosa collection, as well as lace motifs like tribal and Swatto, and items with a cool impression like the Inifinity collection.

Please enjoy "Fleur" full of charm with free ideas!

“Fleur” collection introduced today