From Atelier

In this Editorial, we would like to introduce earrings and silver from the "Tribal" series, which was reprinted in "1st Anniversary Limited Item Part 2."

``Jewelry that you really want to wear with your own unique values, inspired by good old things without chasing trends''

This has been one of the most important ideas since the brand was born, and KAORU's representative ``Tribal'' is a collection that symbolizes this brand concept and is loved by many customers.

The source of inspiration is the mosaic patterns of Native American tattoos.
Indeed, it was created with inspiration from decorations that have been used since ancient times.
For more than 10 years since the collection was released, we have undergone many changes and evolutions through repeated trial and error. The size of the motif, the spacing of the laces, the thickness of the lines, etc. are carefully crafted to match the feeling of the time.

The earrings and necklace that have just been reprinted were created in the "early days" of the collection's release.

This reprint item created in the early days was particular about the nuance and "delicacy" of the mosaic pattern, so we aimed for the "fineest limit" of each lace line. The craftsmen made full use of their skill and overcame many failures to complete the product.
This is because metals have low viscosity, so you can create a wide variety of designs, and (don't get me wrong) you can easily create thin and complex items. However, on the other hand, if the viscosity is too low, it loses its "strength" and cannot be used as jewelry for everyday use.
Behind the ``fineest limit'' lies the knowledge and experience cultivated over many years, and the technology that allows us to achieve this elegance, delicacy, and precision is no mean feat.

"Tribal", which has the slimmest structure that I have just reprinted, is large and has no texture, but is delicate and delicate when you look at it as a work of art. However, when you actually wear it, you will notice that it is extremely light and moves with a "swaying feeling". When worn around the ears or chest, it makes your presence stand out, while the matte finish creates a calming atmosphere.
The well-calculated balance makes it an item that can be easily worn at any time in a variety of situations. Please try rediscovering KAORU once again with this reprint!