From Atelier

■Record the highest restock request ever! popular studded necklace

- “Studs Necklace (Silver/K10 Pink Gold)” is a very popular item in KAOUR Online Store that has received the most requests from customers to be restocked since the release of the 21AW collection. Because each item is carefully crafted with attention to detail, it is not possible to mass produce this necklace, which is why it is loved by so many people and sells out immediately every time it arrives.

■“TIE” items connected by two different “rings” of gold and silver

- At KAORU, we have been creating products centered on the "Gold Collection" and "Silver Collection" by making use of the original texture and texture of the materials. Among them, this Studs necklace has a new design in which two "Studs ring loops" in silver and gold (K10) are connected at the chest (TIE) to create just the right amount of movement.

The two rings have a ``mirror finish,'' and the sides have been intentionally textured to create a sense of dynamism. By incorporating a mix of silver and gold colors on the chest, you have more freedom in styling your clothes and jewelry as a whole, making it more fun and easier to complete your coordination. In particular, KAORU's original pink beige gold gives a soft impression that blends well with the skin, and the clean, mannish shine of silver tightens the entire look.

■As a gift that connects “love”

- Because it is a "TIE" item that connects two things, it is often selected as a gift.
We have received support from customers as gifts for their loved ones, including optional gift wrapping.

■Becoming one beyond time and distance

- The "Studs Necklace" has a catchy and eye-catching design that touches on the playfulness of adults, and it is also an item that has attracted strong sympathy because it somehow feels like a story of two different things "connecting and connecting with each other." This is a highly recommended item that you should definitely pick up and enjoy when it arrives!