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What is the secret of the original beauty of the second new 2021 Spring/Summer “CORNO” collection?

The new product CORNO, which means "horn" in Italian, expresses KAORU's unique interpretation of the "minimal" worldview.

CORNO, which has a beautiful, simple form with high-quality, glossy carving and polishing, is a collection characterized by its minimalist design and unique texture.

It gives off a different charm from the "FUSION" that was announced in the first edition of 2021 Spring/Summer, which is a fusion of intricate and delicate lace and clean plates.

In order to achieve CORNO's minimalist yet unique beauty and nuance, the characteristic "polishing" is essential.

The ``outer'' surface is carved with unique carvings and polished to add a gradation to the texture, while the ``inner'' surface is polished to a mirror finish, resulting in beautiful contrast and unique nuances, creating jewelry that highlights the charm of ``polishing.'' It becomes.

Let's take a closer look at this "polishing", which is particularly important in creation.

First, the outside is carved, then tools with different grain sizes are used alternately to polish the unique matte texture.

Next, the interior is finished with a mirror finish, creating contrast throughout the item and creating a beautiful balance.

In fact, this "mirror finish" process is divided into 4 to 5 stages, and each polishing method is different. This creates a unique contrast and creates a beautiful finish.

We hope you enjoyed the secret behind CORNO's unique design and texture. Today, new stories continue to be created in the Kyoto atelier in pursuit of beautiful balance and design that cannot be found anywhere else.

Please look forward to the next update!