KAORU は京都生まれのジュエリーブランド。





KAORU works as an artist in her own atelier in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.
Her jewelry, informed by ap articular world-view and radiating aw arm, somewhat nostalgic air, is entirely handmade.

KAORU's artistic texturing and scrupulously original manual work charges every single piece.

She creates with rich expressiveness and a mysterious kind of beauty. Those tiny little pieces in her hand connect and join together.

What seemed like a loose entanglement of vaguely connected threads is getting organized by the operation of my hands.
The new shapes they form are echoing right here in my palm.


Lace is a motif that symbolizes the high quality of KAORU's products.
The flowing curves and beautiful reliefs are so exquisite that each piece looks as if it has been crocheted one by one.
The lace series can be said to be a masterpiece of KAORU's craftsmanship.
A graceful and elegant crochet lace that I came across in Paris.
Beautifully decorated Victorian lace that was enchanted in London.
Swatow lace in Shanghai took your breath away with its intricate details.
KAORU's works are inspired by the honest handiwork of artisans around the world created from a single thread like this.
Enjoy the world of sparkling lace beautifully woven with gold and silver.

Lace is the iconic motif that hallmarks Kaoru's jewelry.
Fine crafted, as if crocheted loop by loop, with elegant, fluid lines and glorious reliefs.
Lace is a series in which KAORU's craftsmanship flourishes–brilliantly.
The elegant ornateness of the crochet lace I encountered in Paris. The gorgeous, decorative designs in the Victorian lace that bewitched me in London.
The exquisite detail in the Swatow lace that took my breath away in Shanghai. Pieces of jewelry inspired by what the honest manual work of artisans around the world creates from a single strand of thread.
I want people to enjoy the splendor of the world of lace woven in gold and silver.


KAORU lives on in Kyoto, where historical culture and art still remain strong.
The motifs in his various works tell us that the environment of Kyoto fostered KAORU's attitude of appreciating genuine beauty and his meticulous and sophisticated eye for observation.
The artistic and sculptural shapes are carefully designed down to the smallest detail, reflecting delicate and gorgeous beauty.
``Beautiful things that are a little weird'' that I come across every day. KAORU freely expresses this in his works. All motifs are pieces of KAORU's heart and soul.
In the midst of ordinary daily life, in faraway lands visited on a solo trip, in memories that will never fade, the sparkling pieces found in such things. This is KAORU's treasure.

KAORU lives and breathes the history-steeped culture and arts of Kyoto every day.
In her various motifs, one can observe the way in which her eye for true beauty and the refined and sensitive way she sees have been enriched by this environment.
Artistic sculptural forms, elaborately designed down to the finest detail, reflect a beauty that is at once delicate and spectacular.
The 'strange and beautiful things' I feel, become aware of, encounter from day to day, I express freely in my jewelery.
This is my style of working. The motifs assembled here are fragments of my heart and soul.
These radeant fragments–found in ordinary everyday living, in the far-off places I've journeyed to solo, in memories that never fade–are to me precious treasures.


KAORU's unique organic lines and shapes demonstrate that they were taught by plants and flowers.
Strength like a flower in its glory, flexibility like a tangled vine, and cheerfulness like petals dancing in the wind. KAORU breathes new life into the artistic beauty created by nature.
Beloved flowers, leaves and moss.
The deep green trees surrounding Kyoto's Nanzenji Temple, the weeping cherry blossoms in Maruyama Park, the elegant flowers painted on a folding screen, a bouquet of flowers from a friend, and an ancient garden in an imaginary jungle.
The moment when the beauty of a lovely blooming flower reaches its climax and becomes an eternal beauty - I love that moment more than anything.

KAORU's unique organic forms and lines represent lessons learned from members of the plant world.
Strong, like a blossom in all its glory; supple, like coiled intertwining vines; playful, likes petals dancing on the wind.
Into the artistic beauty produced by nature, KAORU's handiwork breathes new life.
I loved flowers. And leaves, and moss.
The deep green woods surrounding Kyoto's Nanzenji Temple, the weeping cherry tree at Maruyama Park, the graceful flowers depicted on folding screens, the bouquets received from friends, the primitive gardens in the jungles of my fantasies.
Sweetly charming, triumphantly gorgeous, that moment when a blossom at the pinnacle of its beauty transforms into timeless beauty–I adore that prodess most of all.




The beauty of handcrafted products, which KAORU has cherished for more than 20 years.

The unique designs are spun
one by one by hand.