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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ドネーションプロジェクトのジョイセフのパール付ミモザのツヤ感のある10金ピンクゴールドイヤーカフ
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ドネーションプロジェクトのジョイセフのパール付ミモザのツヤ感のある10金ピンクゴールドイヤーカフ
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ドネーションプロジェクトのジョイセフのパール付ミモザのツヤ感のある10金ピンクゴールドイヤーカフ
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ドネーションプロジェクトのジョイセフのパール付ミモザのツヤ感のある10金ピンクゴールドイヤーカフ
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ドネーションプロジェクトのジョイセフのパール付ミモザのツヤ感のある10金ピンクゴールドイヤーカフの着用写真

JoySef Mimoza Pearl Ear Cuff/K10 Pink Gold

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KAORU × 25ans × JOICFP

"Make women all over the world smile"
KAORU Donation Project Vol.3 "KAORU × 25ans × JOICFP"
In 2020, the KAORU Donation Project has been actively supporting families affected daily by the corona disaster and supporting activities to protect women's lives and health with the warm support of many people.
With ‟ aim of further "continuous support", the project with joicfp (Joysef), an international cooperation NGO that was very popular in the first series, has been further enhanced and special charity jewelry has appeared.
This is the third installment of the project, and a special triple collaboration has been realized with the addition of the fashion magazine "25ans", which celebrated its 40th anniversary, which has been focusing on charity activities and women's support activities, including Joycef for many years.
New [Mimo Zayer Cuff]
Kaoru Mimoza, which boasts an immiscing popularity for its pursued design, is inspired by mimoza flowers, which are known as symbols of International Women's Day.
In collaboration with the 25ans editorial department, mimozas are decorated with adorable pearls.
The pretty mimoza pearl that casually makes you feel the article can be enjoyed as a terring that increases femininity at any time.
When you purchase this mimozayer cuff, 3,000 yen per point will be donated to Joycef.
Mimoza Pearl Ear Cuff (2 colors ):
An ear cuff that stands out for its loveliness with an exquisite sense of balance and size.
In addition to silver 925, the material of bullon is also available in K10 pink gold.
You can enjoy the ear cuff elegantly with the design that the flower of the mimiza wraps a pretty pearl.
I was particular about the size feeling and the material so that I can enjoy it for a long time in various scenes.
Ear cuffs are all two colors (materials), and the color development that you can choose your favorite color expresses the message that "everyone has the right to choose on their own".
You can enjoy layering with different colors, and coordinate with [Mimiza bracelet] of the same charity item
You can participate in the charity while enjoying a wide range of styling.

KAORU has continued to convey jewelry that brings out the charm of the wearer and cheers them up with the desire to make women shine more.
In the 40 years since its inception, "25ans" has empowered women by supporting women's support activities, including fashion and beauty information, for all generations of elegance women.
We believe that this collaboration, based on a common vision, will be a great opportunity to expand the circle of support for Joycev's activities.
The third kaoru donation PJT initiative will be published in the January issue of 25ans (released on January 27) in the BOOK IN BOOK "Sustainable White Paper" and 25ans Digital.
We hope this project will lead to the radiant smiles of women around the world.

  • Part number CK10-755-PL
  • Material Motif: 10 gold pink gold, freshwater pearl
  • Size Pearl: About 0.5cm Ear cuff Diameter: About 1.5cm Inner diameter: About 1.3cm
  • Country of Origin Japan

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