Q. Can I issue a receipt?

A. It is possible. Please describe the "Order Memo" in the cart.


Q. I lost only one earrings, but can I buy only one side?

A. Products can be manufactured. Please let us know the product number described in the purchase certificate from the inquiry form, but the inconvenience.
Also, if you accept the order, you will be manufactured by keeping your own one ear earrings.
※ It is possible only if you lose your earrings.


Q. Does cooling off apply?

A. Cooling off does not apply to mail order. Please note.


Q. What is the material that does not come out with metal allergy?

A. The alleguing source differs depending on how you wear it, so you can not identify it.
It is recommended that you can receive allergic tests in dermatology.


Q. Handling (such as K18) is not included, is it real?

A. Kaoru's jewelry has products that have not been marked in order to express them beautifully.
Please use it with confidence because the purchase certificate will be certified.
In Japan, there is generally no impact obligation, and the way of thinking about imprinting depends on the country.


Q. Can I buy a peer catch only?

A. It can be purchased at each direct store. If there is no shop near you, we accept cash on delivery delivery.
Please contact me from the inquiry form.


Q. Can I do my best?

A. It depends on the presence or absence of the material, design, buyer's allergy.
There is a possibility of discoloration and deterioration, so please be out of sea bathing, bath and hot spring.
By burden, it may cause deformation and stone tension.
When carrying luggage, please remove it when you use the tools to use tools.


Q. Will the silver black right?

A. Silver products react with sulfur, sweat, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.
You can recover the brilliance by cleaning with cross or cleaner.
Avoid leaving for a long time and keep it in touch with water.
After use, it is recommended to wipe with a soft cloth and put it in a dedicated case, etc. to minimize contact with air.
In addition, we are washing free of charge at the store. We also accept sales of special cleaners, so please feel free to contact your nearby store.


Q. Can I change the delivery date?

A. It is possible. Please specify when the cart procedure. Please specify from 5 to 10 days after your order.
However, please note that you do not accept requests after the shipping procedure is complete.
※ Depending on the circumstances, delivery may be used for delivery.

Q. Can I send "Order Products" and "Regular Products" simultaneously, and can you send it to the "normal product" first?

A. It is possible. Please describe it to the notes at the time of order. However, in that case, one point will be sent by cash on delivery.


Q. I ordered, but I will not receive a confirmation email.

A. After completing your order, we have sent "Order Confirmation Mail" from KAORU Online Store.
If no email has arrived, the order has not been determined, or the email address of your registration may have been incorrect.
Other cases, please check your spam email settings and reception settings.
If you still do not reach, please contact us for your inconvenience.


Q. I wanted to return because the arrived product was different from the image?

A. It can not be returned unless the product delivered is defective. Please be aware in advance.
If you have a poor quality or mischarge for the product, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of the product.
If the product is made and confirmed by the problem, it will be replaced with the same product only if there is stock.
※ Since replacement inventory is different from the stock for sale, it may not be possible even if there is stock on the site. Please note.


Q. When I pressed the "Buy" button, it was sold out?

A. I am very sorry. In the system, at the stage of pressing the purchase button, the stock is reduced,
Immediately before other customers may have purchased the last stock.
Request for re-arrival information or contact with the presence or absence of restocking.


Q. Can I make gift wrapping?

A. We accept for a fee. Detail is,"gift wrapping"please look at.

Q. Return Annoying Annoying Mail has come, but is it SOLDOUT?

A. It is assumed that the timing when the customer has seen, but it is assumed to have become a shortage.
Please note that please understand.

Q. I pressed the request button, but when there is a restock?

A. Thank you very much. Please do not necessarily be restocked, even if you receive a request, please be aware of your understanding.