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  1. Staff at Kodaiji and Fujii Daimaru stores
  2. Yukako Nakata


A ring that I think will be nice to wear even as you get old

  • Swatwaring L
  • History: 1 year

----- What's your favorite point?

The senior staff mainly made this swat ring feel "cool woman with a core" jewelry coordination, and I longed for it and purchased it.

Personally, I think that jewelry is greedy not only for "elegance and femininity", but also for "coolness with individuality", and I think that this ring is a gem that covers exactly everything. There is also a thickness, and at first hand the individuality looks strong, but the watermark design creates a sense of missing and becomes feminine.

In addition, the texture that entered the surface makes for a calm atmosphere with a profound feeling, so I am secretly looking forward to it now that I will surely be able to wear it nicely even if I get older and wrinkled hands.

----- Please tell me the standard coordination using this item.

After all, the first time I wear it is at work. I don't really think about coordination, and if I wear a swatou, it will be decided cool only by it, so I wear it for the time being, and I combine simple fine rings etc. so as not to disturb. For example, a ring with mimusa gloss is completely different in the width and texture of the ring, so it is sharp when you wear it.

Clothes are a lot of plain. It is easy to wear because it shines well in black clothes. After that, piercings are often chosen with a large impact. Items with a little volume to match the impact of the ring, such as Fusion earrings 25 sizes, Chains earrings, etc. I feel that the balance between the face and the hand is better, so I consciously choose a larger one.

----- How do you enjoy wearing it when you want to raise your mood?

Now, I have fewer opportunities to go out than before, but when I go out with good friends or when I feel depressed, I often wear rings and coordinate rings called "Fifi" and "Botanical" next to the swat. This is not so much the balance of the look of jewelry, but clearly, it is like "I can wear it because I want to wear it". After all, I'm the one who sees the first source, so I hope I enjoy it.

----- What's the next item you want?

I want a swatou ear cuff. The ear cuff that can be enjoyed with the piercing is easy to wear, and it is stylish because it can casually put out a ring and a sense of setup. In addition, I want the material to be gold. After all, just having one gold item makes it elegant, and because it is familiar to the skin and easy to wear, it is easy to bring to the item that you want to wear casually like an ear cuff.

  1. One-message:
  3. Since its founding as a jewelry brand, KAORU has released every season, spring, summer, autumn and winter, Christmas, and releases.I have. Every time there is an unveiling party for a new collection, even I, the staff, sometimes get ready, saying, "O, this time, I'm going to have a lot of courage to wear it."
    But! The rings and piercings I thought so are so cute when I try them! It is often the same.

KAORU always provides unexpected encounters, so I myself am enjoying working, and I am full of new things and fashions, so I want customers to see and experience them first without preconce ideas.



Staff's Profile

  • Yukako Nakata
  • Works at Kodaiji store and Fujii Daimaru store
  • Work experience: 2 years
  1. Favorite fashion: I like plain clothes basically.
    The silhouette is dabok, tight, I wear quite anything ...
  2. This! I can't say that (laughs)

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