What is the secret of the original beauty of the 2021 Spring/Summer's second new corno collection?

The new CORNO, which means "corner" in Italian, uniquely interprets and expresses kaoru's "minimalist" worldview. Beautifully and simply engraved and polished with high quality and gloss, THECORNO is a collection featuring the minimalist design and its distinctive textures. The fusion, presented in the first installment of the 2021 Spring/Summer, combines complex and delicate lace with clean plates to create a different charm.

2021 Spring/Summer Fusion Collection

In order to realize the unique beauty and nuances of CORNO's minimality, distinctive "polishing" is essential. The "outer" surface is carved with individuality, polished to add gradation to the texture, and the "inside" is dared to be polished with a mirror finish, so that beautiful contrasts and unique nuances overlap to create a jewelry that stands out for the charm of "polishing".

Let's take a deeper look at this "polish", which is especially important in creation. First, after carving on the outside, the unique matte texture is polished using tools of different particle sizes alternately.

Polishing to add gradients to surface textures

Next, the inside is mirrored to contrast the entire item and create a beautiful balance. In fact, this "mirror finish" is divided into 4 to 5 stages, and each is performed by changing the type of polishing. This creates a unique contrast and achieves a beautiful finish.

Inner mirror finish

Before polishing (left) and after polishing (right)

Tools used for polishing

Have you enjoyed the secrets of CORNO's creative design and textures? In search of beautiful balance and design that are nowhere to be found, new stories continue to be created in kyoto ateliers today.

Please look forward to the next update!