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MAISON ONIGIRI is an up-and-from-the-art popular creative unit consisting of photographer Eri Hosomi and two women, visual creator Kaori Yuki.

KAORU's insatiable pursuit of "design and balance" and aesthetics. Maison ONIGIRI's unique aesthetics to familiar plants and an eye for "a different aspect of familiar ingredients".

A collaboration between kaoru and MAISON ONIGIRI's linked minds has been realized, in which kaoru and MAISON ONIGIRI search for treasures from a unique perspective on hidden expressions and universal providences that are visible behind various objects, rather than expressed values.

MAISON ONIGIRI creates visuals using KAORU jewelry.

It was partially opened to the public at MAISON ONIGRI's exhibition "FOOD COUTURE" held at kitamura photo machine store (Shinjuku), a spot where creators from Japan and around the world gather. (*Exhibition ends on January 11, 2021)

Creator Profile: MAISON ONIGIRI

A creative unit consisting of two women, photographer Eri Hosomi and visual creator Kaori Yuki. Inspired by the myriad colors and shapes of food in nature, it expresses a unique worldview that is feminine but edgy and powerful.

 This time, we will introduce kaoru jewelry used in this visual.




¥108,000+ tax
¥26,000+ tax
¥25,000+ tax
¥110,000+ tax
¥15,000+ tax
¥27,000+ tax
Other visuals will be released sequentially.
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