Sharp form design earrings

This time in contrast to [Fusion] released the other day,

Among KAORU's collections, sharp and sophisticated collections

【Helix】 I introduce the piercing of [Sparkle].

[Fusion]In contrast to the feminine and decorative design of the lace, the finish of the sharp and minimalist design.

The simple and strong core design is especially recommended for those who wear piercings at work. It is also ideal as a little accent reflected through the screen at the time of telework.

The lace design and the unique design make it a good day off.

The design that makes you look simple and beautiful is on your work day.

Why don't you enjoy various yourself by using kaoru's collection?




The geometric form that randomly stitches together geometric straight lines is impressive.

A unique design collection that adds glamour.

《Image Item》



This collection is inspired by the "bubbles" of champagne that sparkle beautifully.

It is a slender line, but the texture that entered the whole sparkles.


《Image Item》



The beauty with a sense of missing that the profound feeling of overlapping metal attracts.

A sense of balance between a clean form and a heavy texture.


If you change the lineage of piercings, the atmosphere of coordination will change.

If you bring it with a different design, you can enjoy it in a different atmosphere even with the same clothes, as well as using it according to the situation.

Please take this opportunity!